North Bombay Sarbojananin Durga Worship Committee, Mumbai’s oldest and largest Durga worship goes into actuality


Kajol Devgan with Debu Mukherjee and Rani Mukherjee at Durga Pooja 2019 DSC_0105 of North Bombay Sarbojananin Durga Puja Committee
Kajol Devgan with Debu Mukherjee and Rani Mukherjee at Durga Pooja 2019 DSC_0105 of North Bombay Sarbojananin Durga Puja Committee

One in all Mumbai’s oldest and largest Durga puja, the North Bombay Sarbozanin Durga Puja Committee goes into actuality amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, adhering to strict guidelines

Because the Maa Durga pageant approaches, members of the North Bombay Sarbozanin Durga Puja Committee are set to make their means within the midst of the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Members have determined to take their worship to folks through reside streaming and social media through cell telephones and laptops. He’s involved that many individuals might grow to be contaminated with the lethal virus by overcrowding pandals.

This 12 months they’ve scaled the statue from 25 toes to 4 toes. The place has been moved to a small corridor in Santa Cruz. Senior members are requested to remain at residence. Infact members are allowed to go to the Pandal in small batches based on social exclusion standards. Sadly for outsiders, bhog, prasad and flowers are strictly forbidden to keep away from bodily contact. There are two hours of Anjali within the morning and two hours of Sandhya Arati with out flowers.

Says Deb Mukherjee “We maintain a pageant for a whole lot and 1000’s of devotees throughout India yearly, however this time the celebration might be a actuality. We want the blessings of Maa Durga to assist us in these troublesome occasions. We’re blissful to achieve tens of millions of individuals by means of our digital celebration. We’ve made sure guidelines for each member of the Pandal to observe. ”

Durga Puja is well known in peace with Bijoya Dasha

Nice: On today, Ma is greeted with excessive fan fare. Within the night, Kulo is adorned with pan, sindoor, alta, sheila (stone), dhan and so on. And amid the beats of hakhak and the sound of the shank, Ma is greeted… it’s known as Amantron and Adivas – Maas Bodhan… Ma is greeted.

Mahasaptami: On today kalash (pottery of clay) is stored with inexperienced coconut and mango leaves. It’s encircled and tied with pink thread on all sides. It’s known as Kalash Staphan. Kalash is a clay pot as a result of Ma’s statue is product of Ganga clay and is concentrated in Ma’s PRAAN (or life) pot. So pot ma is symbolic. The puja begins with praying to Ganapati, then praying to Ma. One other identify for Maa Durga is Naba Patrika, which suggests 9 bushes, equivalent to Banana Tree, Kochu Tree, Haldi Tree, Jayanti Tree, Bell Tree Department, Dalim Tree (Pomegranate). Double bell fruit is tied to a banana tree. It’s then taken to the river financial institution or to the ocean and bathed. When it’s introduced again, it’s drawn in a white and pink saree with Sindoor and now lined with a head lined as a married girl. It’s known as kola bahu. Many individuals have the misperception that Kola Bahu is the spouse of Ganapati however the truth is she is Madhurga or Naba press .. Ganapati’s mom

Maha Snan: On today Maa Durga is bathed. A ship is positioned earlier than the statue; The mirror is positioned on the ship in order that the mirror picture is seen within the mirror. Priest applies haldi and mustard oil on a mirror, he applies it to the ma earlier than bathing. Prior to now when there was no cleaning soap, haldi and mustard oil had been used for bathing. Poojari drinks numerous sorts of water, equivalent to coconut water, Chandan, Ganga water, sugar cane juice, and the seven holy seas. Right now, the soil from every space, in addition to the mud from the prostitute’s door, is important. After bathing, Poojari places Dhan-durba and a brand new sari with Ma’s identify inscribed on the mirror, which is then positioned on the Bedi (place of worship).

Prana status: This implies bringing life to the mirror. Poojari takes Kusha and flowers in his proper hand and touches Maa from head to foot and brings life to the idol, mirror and kalash alongside the trail of the mantra.

Maha Agaman: Yearly Ma is available in a palsy or elephant or boat or dola (swing), or horse, and so on.
This Bengali 12 months, 1423, the arrival of the goddess Durga on horseback signifies a “dangerous horse” – a really harmful temper, so all her path is lower off. The goddess arrives and leaves the earth in a single automobile, signifying pure disasters, social unrest and politics
Revolutions. Maa Durga’s Agaman- on horseback and Gaman – on horseback.

The puja to welcome Ma is finished with 16 objects – Ashan Swagatham [ Welcome ], Paddy [ Water  To  Wash The  Feet ], Argho, Achmonium, Madhu Parkam, Poornar Achmaniyam, Abharan [ Shringar], Sindoor, Gandha [ Scent ], Pushpa[ Flower], Pushpa Mallya [ Garland] , Billow’s letter [Bel Leaf] , Billopatra mala[ Garland Of Bel Leaf], Dhoop, Deep, Kajal, Naibiddo, Bhog and Mishti [Sweet], Pan, Supari.

Inflorescence [PRAYER OFFERING]: Puspanjali means praying on the toes of Maa to offer life, fame, fortune, well being, wealth and happiness to all. Devotees request Ma to guard them from all evil, distress, greed and temptation.

Maha Ashtami Puja: Maa Now Maha Gauri- worship begins with Mahasnan and Maha Gauri worship. Puja is carried out to offer Ma the ability of 64 yoginis. That is the worship of 9 pots. Then the ma arms are worshiped.

Shanti Puja: This can be a worship when the Navami Puja begins after the Ashtami Puja is completed, therefore the identify Shanthi Puja. Ashtami and Navami worship assembly (Shandi) is taken into account crucial time. The period of this worship is 45 minutes. Ma Chamunda in the meanwhile.
Pushpanjali: A prayer providing. Bhaag is served with mango and fruit, adopted by “neat bhag” which incorporates rice, ghee, dal, deep fried greens, chutney and payash. This prasada is then distributed among the many devotees, referred to as kangali bhojan.

108 Diyas are lit throughout this time and 108 lotus is obtainable to Ma.
There’s a well-known story of Lord Ram Maa Durga providing 108 lotus prayers to defeat Ravana. However to his shock he was lacking a lotus, to vary it, he wished to sacrifice his eye and pray to Ma .. That second Ma appeared earlier than him and stopped him .. returning the lacking lotus to him. She blessed him for his “Victory.”

Maha Navami Pooja: Ma Sidhi Dhatri on today. This puja begins with Ganapati puja and is adopted by all different dev and deities worship.

Bijoya Dashami: – On today Ma Mahishashur was defeated and killed.

Devi Puja: – Bhog with yogurt, honey and milk is obtainable to Ma .. It’s known as Charanamarit. Poojary seated on the asan takes the flower close to the sacred pot and locations it within the north course as a result of Ma is a Kailash native.

Then Poojari takes the sacred mirror of the ship and performs Visarjan. It was the identical mirror that Ma used to greet him as his reflection was on the mirror.

Sindoor Utsav: Married girls apply Sindoor on Ma’s brow and provide sweets, then all the opposite girls apply Sindoor on one another’s brow. That is adopted by Kanek Anjali as Ma returns to her husband’s abode.

Visharjan: – Through the Visarjan of the idol, all of the devotees go to the river financial institution or sea and drown the idol in water.

Water of Peace: – The sacred pot is introduced again from the river / sea stuffed with the water of the idol. Then chant the Poojari Mantra and sprinkle water with the assistance of mango leaves on the heads of all devotees for peace and happiness.

Dasera: It’s a blissful day, the place the younger males contact the toes of their elders and distribute blessings and sweets.

The North Bombay Sarbojananin Durga Puja Committee has a reside stream of Durga Puja from Panchami to Dashami Visarjan on their web site – Geo hyperlink may be positioned on any channel so as to add livefeed



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